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CNA Training & Classes | September 8, 2019

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Agressive Residents

Some problems is life can lead residents to become confused and angry while in care, which in turn can make them to be aggressive. When a resident becomes aggressive, it is important to stay calm and have a peaceful talk with him in order to find out the reasons behind the resident’s actions.

It is important not to argue with them, but rather talk calmly with the resident who is aggressive. Give him a time to express his anger, but also make sure that he is safe to be around you and others.

The way you approach the resident in order to talk with him is important as it does not only give you a safe distance whenever he began raging again but also prove to him that you are showing no threat and is sincere in acknowledging his feelings.

When you talk, make sure that the way you say is not threatening. Try to sit down with an aggressive resident in a safe distance, with arms at side and maintain eye contact. Eye to eye contact shows to him that you pay attention and are serious to talk about the problems.

The open stance approach gives you a space to get away from the resident in case he becomes violent again. Be attentive in listening what the resident says and always reply with a calm voice.

Allow the resident to make his own decisions in solving the problem, making sure that their decisions will give them self-control and not embarrass themselves in front of otherpeople.

Be very watchful of the resident’s reactions and body language as it may show signs of intensified aggression such as clenching fists, shouting and even yelling.

If the situation turns to worse and the resident becomes violent toward you and/or other residents, make sure that you are able to protect yourself and others.

Restrain may be needed in order to stabilize an aggressive resident. Special training can be very useful in such events, but make sure that you are not doing any harm to the resident. Do not push or hit a resident just because he is provoking or hitting you otherwise this can be considered an assault which can be used against you in legal cases.