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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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Accredited CNA Programs in Los Angeles

Certified Nursing Assistants in Los Angeles are in demand nowadays. Considering the economic recession and unemployment rates, the healthcare industry is continually in need of CNA’s, nurses, doctors and other medical professionals. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is the easiest way to work in the healthcare field. There are several schools and healthcare facilities offering accredited CNA programs in Los Angeles. These institutions might have different approaches to the profession but, completing the training with them allows you to take the certification exam in the state. Certified Nursing Assistants have an important role to play in the medical field and have a great opportunity ahead of them. If you become one, you can pursue further studies to gain a higher position or title in the field. Just make sure you undergo the CNA training program in an accredited institution.

Accredited CNA Programs in LA by the Red Cross Los Angeles

The American Red Cross of Los Angeles offers a Certified Nursing Assistant program that covers 171 hours of theoretical classes, live demonstration, skills training and clinical rotations. The first part of the course is a theoretical segment wherein students learn the different aspects of patient care. They also undergo CPRO certification along with live demonstrations and video presentations. The good thing about the American Red Cross is that they have a number of licensed healthcare professionals who equip aspiring CNA’s for their profession. They will train you in basic skills and knowledge, and supervise you during the clinical rotations. The American Red Cross of Los Angeles is a testing site for CNA certification exam so students here can gain insights into it.

Los Angeles Trade Tech

The accredited CNA training program at Los Angeles Trade Tech is intensive and hands-on. Applicants are screened as the school requires a computerized test before admission. The Nursing Department of the school evaluates math and reading comprehension scores to determine placement. Since the CNA program is quite limited, applicants must show a good standing on the computerized test. They should also undergo a program orientation as well as assessment interview. The Los Angeles Trade Tech has committed and passionate instructors for the CNA training program; thus, students are assured of becoming equipped for the certification exam and their profession later on.

Accredited CNA Programs in Los Angeles by American Medical Careers

The American Medical Careers at Los Angeles Campus is offering an accredited CNA Programs in Los Angeles that lasts for five weeks. This training has 150 hours of classroom learning, skills demonstrations, hands-on training, and a clinical experience supervised by a licensed medical professional. Students in the program should be physically, mentally and emotionally prepared to go through rigorous training to make them a reliable nursing assistant. The two-part includes classroom lectures and clinical hours. Aspiring applicants will undergo a criminal background check, necessary immunizations, and submit to an X-ray test. Students are required to have a 75% score on their exams, hands-on training and clinical rotation performances to graduate and be qualified to take the certification exam. Tuition fees reach to $2,000 or more, including supplies and registration for the state exam. Financial aid and grants are available for a limited number of students.

Accredited CNA Programs at by Los Angeles Harbor College

Los Angeles Harbor College provides an accredited CNA Program in Los Angeles for aspiring nurse aides. Applicants will submit a criminal background check, basic life support card, immunization record and x-ray scan result. The course has two parts: classroom lectures and clinical rotations. During the lectures, students will learn basic nursing principles like rehabilitative care, vital signs monitoring, patient care, patient rights, nutrition, therapeutic communication, charting patient records, long term care, post mortem care, emergency procedures and many others. Skills demonstrations are performed in their own facility, while the clinical rotations will encourage the students to practice their knowledge. The tuition costs $230 not including supplies, textbooks, uniforms and examination fees. Applicants should be aware that the fees vary per year, so should prepare for any increase or additional expenses required. However, scholarships and financial aid are available for those who cannot afford to pay the entire cost of the program.

West LA College

The accredited CNA program at West LA College is a 9-week long course that prepares students for their certification exam. It is typically a combination of classroom lectures (54 hours of instruction) and clinical training at an approved nursing facility (108 hours all in all). The curriculum puts an emphasis on basic nursing topics like physical care, therapeutic communication, infection control, safety, social and emotional support to patients in different age groups. Students should have no absences during the program to graduate and be granted a certificate to take the state exam. A background check, physical exam, immunization record, drug screening, CPR training and malpractice insurance are required to gain admission. The tuition fee is around $46 per unit but it varies per year.