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CNA Training & Classes | September 7, 2019

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10 Things To Keep In Mind Before Your CNA Exam

10 Things To Keep In Mind Before Your CNA Exam

1. Make sure you follow the registration procedures

It is crazy that some people get turned away on the day of their exam for not following some basic rules like showing up late or not bringing their ID.

2. Find out as much as you can about the exam

Even though most CNA exams include similar topics, the testing center may emphasize a particular aspect that you should pay attention to. Depending on where you are taking the exam sometimes the staff is really chatty about those things! Find out things like how many questions does the exam have, what is the duration and if there is anything specific you should focus on. This will not only allow you to prepare better, this way you will also know what to expect!

3. Know your learning style

Not everyone learns the same. Some of us need lots of repetition; others need to write things down to memorize, while many of us need visual aids to understand something. Focus on your specific style of learning so you will get the best results!

4. Do not start your studying too early nor too late!

Assuming that you have attended all your CNA classes, you should keep in mind that there is optimum time for the best exam results. Even though it is better to start preparing for the exam as soon as possible, best time is normally 3-4 days before the exam. This gives your brain enough time to get ready and you are less likely to forget anything important!

5. Preparation is the key!

Find out how to get to the testing center, get your ID and everything else you may need ready. You don’t want to find yourself stuck in the traffic on a route which you have never taken before, on the day of the exam or start looking for your ID in the morning!

6. Sleep well!

Night before the exam go to bed early ,rather than late. You will look and feel much better when you have had a good nights sleep!

7. Feed your brain!

Don’t forget to eat breakfast! Getting hungry during your exam will only distract you and your brain will work better when you have had high glucose breakfast!

8. Eliminate the bad apples

When taking the exam, eliminate the obviously wrong answers first and focus on the remaining ones. Usually your first guess will be the right one!

9.  Focus on what you know VS what you dont know

Answer the questions that you know for sure first and leave the ones you are unsure for later! You can come back to those when you have time in the end.

10. Take a break & reboot!

Once you have answered all the questions take a minute break, close the eyes and think of something different. When you have done so, check your answers once more to avoid silly mistakes.