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CNA Training & Classes | November 18, 2018

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CNA Classes in Worcester MA

CNA Classes in Worcester MA

Becoming a CNA is not something you should take lightly- it is a difficult job that requires lots of commitment and takes up lot of time. There will be lot of responsibilities and things you must know. In the end of the day you will be responsible for peoples lives.

But CNA profession comes with several benefits as well. Job security and career prospects are just some of them. You will be helping patients to get better and also develop your own skills as a medical professional. On top of that you can become a full time nurse in the future.

So how much should certified nursing assistants likely to earn? Basic level Certified Nursing Assistants begin to make about $19,000 which goes up to about $40, 000 with practical experience. On top of that lots of nursing homes pay them additional compensation. This career is recognized as one of the most reliable in the healthcare industry .

Worcester CNA test is a assessment that you need to take, after completing the CNA-nurse training. This qualification exam gives you the qualifications to start working as a Licensed CNA. The assessment itself is a supervised qualification exam . During the examination you’ll be asked to present your professional medical capabilities in a simulated setting while the instructors are observing you.

Each state has their own requirements for Certified nursing assistants, that is why the CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant professional medical training can vary a great deal. Even though some many Certified Nursing Assistant courses are shorter than 1 semester there are areas where the coursework may take up to 1 year. Once you become licensed in one state, that does not necessarily suggest you will be licensed in another state. If you change jobs, you’d often need to get supplementary training and coursework.

CNAs hold a vital place in the field of healthcare because they work alongside other members of the medical team to provide safe and competent care to patients with different levels of health needs. They not only provide care for individuals confined in hospitals and nursing homes but also help calm their family members by providing emotional support.

To become a CNA in Massachusetts, individuals must pass a state-approved program and demonstrate their ability to provide competent care. There are several training programs offered in the state of Massachusetts that can provide the necessary training needed to pass the state competency examination.

Red Cross

Red Cross provides a CNA training program to help prepare individuals who are interested in challenging the Massachusetts CNA certification exam. This course covers different topics related to providing direct care to patients including routine tasks such as feeding and bathing patients, monitoring each resident’s physical and mental health, and reporting appetite changes to other members of the medical team. Students also receive training in understanding the signs of abuse and depression in patients, distributing supplemental nourishment, and correctly handling the needs of patients with varying medical conditions. The program, which can last from four to eight weeks, emphasizes on knowledge development and hands-on training including First Aid, AED usage, and CPR.

Prospective students are required to attend an information session before the class start date, submit completed physical form or proof of Red Cross TB skin test, and pass a random background screening.

The Fieldstone School

The Fieldstone School provides a dual-certificate program for individuals who aim to pass the Massachusetts CNA test. The focus of the course is on developing students’ skills and knowledge which is central to gaining employment in the healthcare field. Instructors will discuss the structure of the paraprofessional workforce and the varied roles of CNAs and HHAs in assisting other members in a healthcare setting. The school will give a certificate of completion to students who successfully finish the program hours.

The Fieldstone School offers morning and evening classes to accommodate the schedule of students. The day classes are held every Monday to Friday at 7:30 am to 2:00 pm, while evening classes meet from Monday to Thursday starting at 5:00 pm until 10:00 pm.

Program cost is inclusive of 128 hours of training, CPR certification, clinical rotation, study packet for the state examination, uniform, and learning materials.  

Peak Medical Academy

PEAK Medical Academy’s CNA training is a 100-hour course that is structured to help students understand the needs of patients in general hospitals, assisted living facilities, and private homes. The training includes lecture and laboratory practice for 75 hours, to be followed by 21 hours clinical rotation at an aged care facility.  During the lecture portion of the course, students learn interpersonal communication, infection control, personal and restorative care, safety, observation, and body mechanics. Students receive training from licensed practical nurses and registered nurses who have extensive experience in community nursing, long-term care, and hospitals. They provide the training through games, role-playing, lectures, and lab practice to emphasize the importance of patient mobility, personal care, and feeding.

Students need to complete the 4-week program, which includes one week of clinical practice, and three weeks of classroom instruction.

Morning classes are held from Monday to Friday, at 8:00 am to 2:30 pm. PEAK Medical also offers evening classes.

To gain entry into the program, individuals must be at least 16 years old, pass the pre-entrance test with a score of 100%, and present proof of high school diploma or equivalent.

QCC, Quinsig

QCC provides a Nursing Assistant course to educate students who aim to work in various medical settings including general hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Students will learn the job responsibilities of CNAs including assisting patients with bathing, performing personal grooming for residents, changing bed linen, providing meal nourishment, and recording bowel habits. Upon completion of the program, students are expected to demonstrate entry-level CNA skills and apply their knowledge of infection control procedures, effective communication techniques, and patient rights. The curriculum covers human anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, and strategies for career development.

Program requirements include submission of a signed physical examination, documentation of Tetanus injection and flu vaccination, TB screening, Varicella immunity, and current health insurance card.

3 Dimension Health Services

The CNA training at 3 Dimension Health Services covers the training required for Massachusetts State certification exam. This course focuses on assisting individuals to develop specialized job skills and abilities that will allow them to qualify for employment as a CNA in  Massachusetts. The theory portion covers an introduction to resident rights, and the CNA’s role in improving the quality of life, and promoting the safety of each patient under their care. Students will also be instructed on the foundation of patient rights as regulated by American Hospital Association. Upon completion of the program, trainees will be able to demonstrate ways to exercise patient rights, and how residents can participate in the creation of their care plan of care.

Classes are conducted by qualified instructors who are approved by the Massachusetts Board of Nursing. The instructors will give lectures, and other class activities to help students develop a clear understanding of their roles.

3Dimensions offers day and evening classes, with a limited number of students per class. This is to ensure that personalized attention is provided to each student.

Interested applicants must demonstrate their ability to lift, squat, bend, and lift up to 50 pounds. Potential students must also show effective English communication skills to qualify for the program.

Free Worcester CNA Classes

If Worcester CNA Classes are too expensive for you, it is best to look into free Worcester CNA classes alternatives out there! Free Qualified CNA class training is usually given by regional nursing homes or private hospitals. You should be able to find them, by studying the web pages for such facilities (find “careers”) .

Worcester CNA Classes online

Many people are hunting for Worcester CNA Classes online. While it’s possible to get part of the class training done online, you’ll still should get hands on work experience and know how so that you can qualify as CNA professional. Therefore after you’ve done your Worcester CNA classes online, you’d also need get around 70 hrs of supervised on location training and coursework. Online coursework gives a great opportunity for people who don’t have much time and would like to do part of their class work from home. There are numerous other benefits for online training- saving time and money is just one of them.