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CNA Training & Classes | November 18, 2018

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CNA Classes in Springfield MO

CNA Classes in Springfield MO

Anyone who would like to become certified nursing assistant, need to think about it carefully. This is not an easy job. The tasks for CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants) are various and complicated.

Having said that, this job offers lots of rewards too. If you are a CNA, you will be responsible for clients welfare and care. This means you will meet lots of people that will be very grateful for your hard labour.

Beginner Certified Nursing Assistants begin to make roughly $19,000 and this rises to about $40, 000 with experience. On top of that lots of clinics pay them additional compensation. This job is viewed as one of the most stablest in the healthcare industry .

Springfield CNA examination test is a examination that you have to take, after finishing the Licensed CNA educational training. This final exam gives you the qualifications to begin being employed as a CNA professional.

Each state has their own requirements for Certified nursing assistants, that is why the Certified nursing assistant class training can vary considerably. Even though the majority CNA courses are short there are areas where the training may take up to 1 year. If you change jobs, you’d probably often have to aquire supplementary coursework.

There are several careers one can choose from in Missouri. But for those who are looking for a profession that is in demand and can provide multiple career opportunities, a job as a CNA can prove to be a rewarding profession that provides ample growth opportunities. CNAs can work in different medical settings and have very flexible jobs: some will work in private clinics, while others can work in private homes.

Now is a great time to enter the medical field as a CNA in Missouri because of the projected increase in the demand for CNAs in the next ten years. To kickstart your career, you must complete a CNA training program to acquire the knowledge and skills you need to become a CNA in Missouri.

Bryan Health College

Bryan Health College aims to prepare students to provide competent care to patients suffering from various illnesses. The Basic Nursing Assistant course will train students to perform healthcare duties under the direct supervision of a registered nurse. The curriculum consists of classroom lecture and clinical practice that will allow students to develop nursing skills that are essential to performing entry-level healthcare professional duties. CNA responsibilities include assisting residents in bathing, changing bed linens regularly, providing meal routines assistant, reporting appetite changes, and monitoring each patient’s vision and speech condition.

The CNA course at Bryan Health College, which is taken as a non-credit program, consists of a minimum of 76 hours of both clinical rotation and theory discussion. Students must complete these hours to conform to the state and federal requirements for CNAs. Graduates of the program will be eligible to receive a certificate of completion.

To qualify for the program, students must be at least 16 years old, demonstrate the ability to speak and understand English, and pass a criminal background check.

Cox College

Cox College provides CNA training program to equip students with the essential knowledge and skills they need to provide care to residents confined in convalescent hospitals, long-term care facilities, and home care environment. The 6-week program provides the student with necessary theory and clinical experience to enable them to become competent healthcare professionals who are knowledgeable in the observation and treatment of common ailments, primary patient care and safety, abuse recognition, and infection control procedures. During the clinical training, instructors will teach best practices in following each patient’s treatment plan and assessing residents’ overall health condition.

A typical week for students consists of two days per week in lecture and two days per week of the clinical rotation. Upon completion of the program, students will become eligible to challenge the CNA state exam.

The application process for the course includes completing the application and submitting proof of immunization history. Students must pay the full tuition fee two weeks before class start date. Students who are seeking tuition assistance can get in touch with CoxHealth Talent Acquisition office.

Ozarks Tech Community College

The CNA course at Ozarks Tech Community College focuses on helping students develop nursing skills that will allow them to be competent CNAs working in various medical settings. In addition to teaching the necessary skills that nursing assistants need, instructors at OTC will discuss theories related to resident rights, concepts of interpersonal skills, and fire and disaster safety. The program meets the lecture and clinical practice required for Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. At the end of the course, students are expected to demonstrate the ability to provide care to patients while promoting self-care and independence.  

To pass the course, students must maintain an average of 80% on all classwork, and complete the full clock hours covering lecture and 100 clinical hours. OTC offers a hybrid CNA class which combines online and in-campus training.  

Classes meet on Thursdays starting at 11:30 am until 4:30 pm; clinical practice is held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6:45 am to 5:15 pm.

Interested applicants must pass a drug screening, and must pay all fees included in the course.

Metropolitan Community College

The CNA course at Metropolitan Community College enables individuals to gain employment in the healthcare field by providing them with in-depth training on nursing assistant skills. The curriculum includes classroom instruction where students learn the varied roles of CNAs such as providing prompt mealtime assistance, assisting patients with all elimination needs, and performing catheter care.

Specific topics of instruction include rehabilitative and geriatric care, emergency protocol, promotion of health and safety, and law and ethics in patient care. It prepares students to apply basic nursing skills in caring for residents long-term care facilities and hospitals.

All students who do not have an MCC Student ID number are required to complete the non-credit application before enrolling in the program. Students must be at least 18 years old, present proof of TB skin test results, submit a government-issued ID, and have a  valid Social Security number.

Medical Education Development and Support, Inc.

Medical Education Development and Support, Inc. offers a CNA program that is structured to help students become CNAs in as short as eight weeks. Instructors emphasize the essential aspects of performing direct patient care to allow students to develop critical nursing skills which are central to addressing the needs of the whole patient. Students will have 75 hours of classroom instruction where they will learn the requisite theory on body mechanics,  safety and sanitation regulations, basic anatomy, and post operative care. After the classroom-based lessons, students will have hands-on clinical training under the supervision of industry professionals. Students will receive instruction in assisting patients with bathing and grooming, following the treatment plan, and documenting medical records.

Applicants must be 18 years old and above, pass a criminal background check and achieve grade 8 literacy on Basic Education Skills Test.

MEDS provides job placement assistance and a mentoring program to help students find career opportunities and connect with potential employers.

Free Springfield CNA Classes

If Springfield CNA Classes cost too much for you, you ought to consider free Springfield CNA classes possibilities on the market! Free Certified Nursing Assistant professional medical training is usually provided by regional nursing homes or private hospitals. You will locate them, by looking at the web pages for such facilities (look for CAREERS) .

Springfield CNA Classes online

So many people are interested in Springfield CNA Classes online. Even though it is possible to get part of your training done online, you’ll still must have on the job experience so as to become qualified as Certified nursing assistant. For that reason once you’ve completed your Springfield CNA classes online, you should also need get at least 70 hrs of supervised on location training.