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CNA Training & Classes | November 17, 2018

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CNA Classes in Santa Rosa CA

CNA Classes in Santa Rosa CA

If you think that being a CNA is easy, you are mistaken. This job is hard and requires lots of skills and knowledge. If you don’t have the passion for helping people you should consider the alternatives.

Still, CNA profession is very rewarding. It is the kind of job that offers both personal enjoyment and various career opportunities. If you are good as a CNA, you can become a full time nurse where salaries are considerably higher.

Beginner Certified nursing assistants start making about $19,000 and that rises to around $40, 000 with working experience. In addition to that numerous hospital wards pay them bonuses and other compensations. This profession is considered one of the most reliable in the health care industry consistent with Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Santa Rosa CNA final exam is a exam that you have to take, after completing the CNA-nurse training. This test gives you the qualifications to begin working as a CNA-nurse.

Each state government has their own requirements for Certified nursing assistants, that is why the CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant educational training can vary a great deal. Even though some most Certified Nursing Assistant courses are short there are places where the professional medical training may take up to 1 year. If you become licensed in one state, it doesn’t mean you will be licensed in another state. When you move jobs, you’d probably often have to aquire further educational training.

Santa Rosa is the fifth most populous city in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is known for its many wineries and vineyards. Like other cities in California, Santa Rosa sees a shortage in the number of CNAs and HHAs working in different medical settings. As such, the city of Santa Rosa is an ideal place for anyone who wishes to find opportunities in the field of healthcare as CNAs.

CNAs are essential members of hospitals and long-term care facilities.Their role includes several routine works related to providing simple care to patients. They should not only be skillful but should also have a compassionate nature in dealing with patients and their families.  

North Bay CNA Training Program

North Bay CNA offers a nursing assistant program that aims to prepare students for California state certification through a combined curriculum consisting of theory, lab, and clinical practice. The theory portion of the program focuses on teaching students how to dress for infection control properly, take pulse rate, respirations, temperatures, and blood pressure, weight and measure students, and calculating patient’s intake and output. What follows is the skills lab portion where students apply 25 different nursing skills required of CNAs who aspire to work in long-term care facilities. Students will then have a clinical practice in a skilled nursing facility, where they will work with CNAs and residents of the facility.

Students can choose between North Bay’s full time and weekend program. The full-time program can be completed in 25 days, while weekend classes last for 11 weeks. Students enrolled in the full-time program must attend theory classes from Monday through Friday starting at  7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m, and clinical rotation from 7:00 am to 3:30 p.m.

Students who finish the required 50 hours of theory and 100 hours of clinical training will be eligible to receive a certificate of completion.

North Bay Nursing Institute

The objective of the CNA training at North Bay Nursing Institute is to provide students with the high-quality education to enable them to develop the skills central to performing CNA duties in various healthcare settings. The curriculum complies with the regulations set by OBRA to include lessons on effective communication and interpersonal skills, infection control and safety procedures, meeting patient’s mental and physical need, and caring for the cognitively impaired.

North Bay offers 21-days CNA classes which consist of 50 hours of theory learning from Monday through Friday at 8 am to 4:30 pm. After eight days of theory classes, students need to attend 100 hours of clinical training from Monday to Friday starting at 7 am to 3:30 pm. Evening classes are also available and can be completed in 32 days.

North Bay nursing offers flexible payment plans and provides with state board review classes at no cost to the students.

Applicants are required to have a social security number, valid ID or California’s license, Live Scan fingerprint, and proof of recent physical examination, and TB skin test.

Santa Rosa Junior College

Santa Rosa Junior College aims to prepare students to provide care for patients with different level of medical needs under the direct supervision of a registered nurse. The curriculum consists of both classroom-based learning and clinical practice that will allow students to develop the skills they need to perform entry-level CNA duties. Some of their responsibilities include ambulating, communicating with patients who have a hearing, vision and speech loss, applying and changing wraps and bandages, assisting with elimination and auditing process and dressing patients with physical challenges.

The CNA training at Santa Rosa Junior College consists of 222 hours theory learning, laboratory and clinical practice in a long-term care facility. Program length is ten weeks, and classes meet three to four times a week. SRJC accepts a maximum of 30 students during the school year, and 60 students during the summer semester.

Students must complete the required theory and clinical hours and achieve a grade of “C” or above to be eligible to graduate from the program and receive an Acknowledgement of Completion from the college.

Nightingale Healthcare Professionals Llc

Nightingale Healthcare Professionals provides CNA training program to equip individuals with the relevant skills they need to provide care to residents of acute care facilities, home care environment, or convalescent hospitals. The course provides the student with the necessary theory and laboratory experiences to allow them to learn about the basic patient care and safety, medical terminology, observation and treatment of common ailments, abuse recognition, and infection control. Qualified instructors emphasize the importance of adequately assessing patient’s condition and following their care plan to allow for faster recovery of elderly residents.

Upon completion of the 150-hour program, students can begin the certification process in the state of California, which includes taking the state certification exam through a state-approved testing vendor.

To enroll in the program, applicants must pass a completed admission application and enrollment agreement, pass a background check through the Live Scan, submit proof of negative TB test and immunizations.

Bay Area Medical Academy

The CNA course at Bay Area Medical Academy focuses on helping students develop critical nursing skills and understanding of relevant concepts and theories to allow them to provide competent care to long-term care patients. The six-weeks program is approved by the Department of Public Health and covers training on basic medical techniques, management and organization, communication skills, attention to details, and empathy and compassion.

Students must complete 200 hours of training including two weeks of theory classes and four weeks of clinical externship. They may also take an optional job readiness module to guide them in the job search process through lessons covering interviewing tips and resume preparation strategies.

Students are required to attend a mandatory orientation hour to be admitted to the course.

Program cost is inclusive of textbooks, scrub suits, learning materials, and life membership to Career Services support.

Free Santa Rosa CNA Classes

If Santa Rosa CNA Classes are too expensive for you, you ought to consider free Santa Rosa CNA classes alternatives around! Free Qualified CNA professional medical training is usually given by neighborhood nursing facilities or medical centers.

Santa Rosa CNA Classes online

So many people are searching for Santa Rosa CNA Classes online. Even though it is easy to get section of your coursework done online, you would still should get practical work experience so as to qualify as CNA professional. Consequently when you have done your Santa Rosa CNA classes online, you’d also need have at least 70 hours of supervised on site coursework. Online professional medical training offers a great solution for individuals who don’t have much free time and would want to do portion of their class work from home. There are actually numerous other benefits for online training- saving time is just one of them.