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CNA Training & Classes | November 18, 2018

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CNA Classes in Santa Clarita CA

CNA Classes in Santa Clarita CA

Becoming a CNA is not something you should take lightly- it is a difficult job that requires lots of commitment and takes up lot of time. There will be lot of responsibilities and things you must know. In the end of the day you will be responsible for peoples lives.

Having said that, this job offers lots of rewards too. If you are a CNA, you will be responsible for clients welfare and care. This means you will meet lots of people that will be very grateful for your hard labour.

So how much should CNAs likely to earn? Beginner CNAs begin to make about $19,000 which goes up to around $40, 000 with working experience. In addition to that lots of nursing homes pay them free training. This profession is viewed as among the most safest in the healthcare industry according to Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Most Santa Clarita CNA classes takes around 160 hrs, of class training and tutorials. It doesn’t contain the time period you will have to spend in nursing homes for practical training and coursework.

Santa Clarita CNA final test is a test that you have to take, after completing the CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) class training. This examination test gives you the accreditation to start being employed as a Certified Nursing Assistant. The exam is a supervised test exam and could also include oral section. At the time of the exam you will be required to display your specialized medical expertise in a made up setting while the tutors are observing you.

Each state government has their own specifications for CNA-s, that is why the CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant training differs a lot. While many most Qualified CNA courses are short there are areas where the coursework may take up to 1 year. When you change employment, you’d probably need to get further coursework.

CNAs deliver intimate, and hands-on healthcare to patients in various medical settings. They assist residents with activities of the daily living and provide emotional support to residents and their families. CNAs commonly work alongside other healthcare workers in Long Term Care Facilities, Rehabilitation Settings, and General Hospitals.

According to data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, CNAs in Santa Clarita earns an average of  $28,200 per year, which is about $13.56 per hour. It’s possible to start a rewarding a career as a CNA in Santa Clarita quickly. The first step you can take is to enroll in a state-approved CNA training program in the city.

College of the Canyons

College of the Canyons provides CNA training to individuals who wish to gain entry-level employment in the healthcare field. The course combines theory and lab training, as well as hands-on clinical practice to allow students to develop the skills necessary for providing care to residents long-term care facilities. Students learn the importance of effective communication in dealing with residents and their families, improve observation skills which are essential to observe the client’s day-to-day physical and mental health. During the clinical portion of the program, students will demonstrate the skills they learned in the theories portion. Students will also learn about safety principles and infection control, basic patient care skills and the varied roles and responsibilities of CNAs.

To enter the program, a proof of recent physical examination and current TB skin test must be presented to the school. Applicants must also pass a completed Nurse Assistant application, Livescan fingerprint, sign a Voluntary Participation Waiver, and comply with requirements concerning a criminal background check.

Total program cost is inclusive of uniforms, physical examination and immunization fees, CPR malpractice insurance, stethoscope, and books.

St. Jude Nursing School

The CNA course at St. Jude Nursing School conforms to the requirements set by OBRA and California State Regulations for preparing students who plan to take the state certification exam. The curriculum consists of classroom instruction and clinical rotation to help students develop critical nursing skills such as the ability to follow set rules and protocol, which are essential to maintaining the health and well-being of patients, performing a range of motion, positioning, moving and transferring, and demonstrating safety techniques when delivering nursing care. The 5-week program emphasizes on infection control, safety, body mechanics, communications, observation, and personal and restorative care. Students need to complete 150 hours of training to be eligible to sit for the state exam.

St. Jude offers morning, evening, and weekend classes. Program cost is already inclusive of textbook, uniform, CPR, and review classes.

Students must be 16 years old and above, pass a physical exam showing good health and submit fingerprints upon enrollment. They must also pass a criminal background investigation.

A+ Health Care Training

The CNA training at A+ Health Care Training is structured to help students understand the responsibilities and duties of CNAs. It focuses on preparing students for state certification through theory learning and hands-on clinical training where students learn the fundamentals of patients rights, laws and regulations concerning healthcare procedures, and concepts of communication and interpersonal skills which are all central to providing quality care to patients. Students also receive instruction in astute observation skills to enable them to accurately assess any changes in the patient’s health.

A+ offers weekday, weekend and evening classes to accommodate students.

Weekday classes meet from Monday through Friday starting  7:00 AM – 3:30 PM for five weeks; weekend classes meet from  7:00 AM – 3:30 PM, and can be completed in 12 weekends. Evening classes meet Monday to Friday from 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM for nine weeks.

Course requirements include registration fee, valid driver’s license, and social security number. The school offers flexible payment plans.

Allied Medical and Health Services

Allied Medical and Health Services focuses on assisting students in developing the skills and obtaining the necessary knowledge needed to qualify for entry-level CNA employment. The program combines clinical practice with theory and lab training to allow students to demonstrate their competencies in using a holistic approach to nursing care. Students will perform duties such as primary daily physical care of patients,  surgical preparations, record keeping, and checking vital signs and weight while under the supervision of nursing staff in the acute care and long-term care settings. Students need to complete 152 hours of training to become eligible to take the written and skills test for CNA certification. Classes meet every Saturday and Sunday for three months

Allied Medical accepts application from students aged 16 years old and above who hold a high school diploma or equivalent. Students are required to have a CPR “A” card or higher, present medical clearance from Tuberculosis, and submit Livescan clearance.

The American Red Cross

American Red Cross is committed to providing CNA students with the relevant training they need to pass the state competency examination. The course is structured to prepare students for entry into the healthcare field through a combined curriculum covering essential theories and skills practice that will enable students to provide competent care to patients in mental health facilities, assisted living facilities, and even those in their private homes. Red Cross has been providing instruction to individuals who wish to become CNAs, making it an excellent choice for individuals seeking high-quality healthcare training. Students enrolled in the program will learn  to measure vital signs, and execute varied tasks related to providing care to patients. The course also  includes instruction in First Aid, CPR and AED usage.

Applicants who are 16 years old and above must pass an assessment exam, and provide negative TB skin test or Chest x-ray, and attend a mandatory orientation. They are also required to pass a background check, have a social security card, and state ID. Grants are available to qualified students.

Free Santa Clarita CNA Classes

If Santa Clarita CNA Classes are too expensive for you, you ought to look into free Santa Clarita CNA classes possibilities around! Free Certified nursing assistant class training is usually given by local nursing homes or hospitals.

Santa Clarita CNA Classes online

Many people are seeking Santa Clarita CNA Classes online. Even though it is easy to get part of the professional medical training done online, you’ll still should have hands on work experience so as to become qualified as Certified Nursing Assistant. Therefore when you have done your Santa Clarita CNA classes online, you’d also need have at least 65 hours of monitored on site training and coursework. There are certainly many other pros for online training- saving money is just most notable.