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CNA Training & Classes | November 18, 2018

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CNA Classes in Grand Rapids MI

CNA Classes in Grand Rapids MI

CNA studies can take a lot of time. In some cases even years. So it is best to know what awaits for you. Certified nursing assistant job is not going to be walk in the park. It is a difficult profession and certainly not for everybody.

Having said that, this job offers lots of rewards too. If you are a CNA, you will be responsible for clients welfare and care. This means you will meet lots of people that will be very grateful for your hard labour.

Entry level Certified Nursing Assistants begin to make roughly $19,000 and that increases to around $40, 000 with expertise. On top of that lots of hospitals give them bonuses and other compensations. This career is recognized as among the most reliable in the health care industry .

CNA-s normally work in hostipal wards, practices, nursing homes as well as private homes.

Grand Rapids CNA medical exam is a assessment you need to take, after finishing the CNA educational training. This exam gives you the qualifications to start working as a CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant.

Each region has their own prerequisites for Certified nursing assistants, that is why the CNA training and coursework differs significantly. Even though most CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant programs are short there are places where the training and coursework may take up to twelve months.

Many people who aspire to obtain entry-level employment in the healthcare field choose to become CNAs because of the several medical career opportunities presented by the profession. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a projected growth in the healthcare industry within the next decade, which means that the job outlook for CNAs is robust. The healthcare industry is expected to grow by as much as 20% in 10 years, much faster than the national average. Also, salary growth expectations for CNAs stand at 19%.

To become a CNA in the state of Michigan, you must complete a nursing assistant approved program to learn the all the necessary CNA skills. The training will help ensure that you meet the requirements of the state of Michigan for CNAs.

Advance Medical Training

Advance Medical’s Nurse Aide Training program is designed to provide quality education to individuals looking for entry-level employment in the healthcare field. Many students take the training as the first step to a Registered Nurse degree program. Advance Medical provides classroom and lab training as well as clinical practice in an area nursing facility for a total of 100 hours. The course equips students with the knowledge and skills they need to challenge the State of Michigan Nurse Aide Competency Exam. Upon completion of the course, students are expected to apply their knowledge about basic nursing care, precautions in providing direct care, confidentiality, proper communication with patients, and general safety and emergency procedures.

Students can choose between morning and evening classes to fit their schedule. Day classes meet from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm from Mondays through Fridays, while evening class hours start from 4:30 pm to 9:30 pm Monday to Friday, and one Saturday. Advance Medical offers a payment plan to students.

Goodwill Industries

Goodwill provides CNA training at their Goodwill Employment Center located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The course includes 115 hours of in-classroom and lab training, to be followed by clinical practice at a community long-term care facility. Students can complete the training over a 4-week period during which they will receive instruction on the proper use of medical equipment, the importance of monitoring patients’ nutritional requirements, disease prevention and first aid, and guidelines on protecting patients’ rights. Qualified instructors will also provide training on employability skills to help students develop an understanding of the requirements needed for CNAs in a real-life medical setting.

Goodwill provides job placement services to all graduates of its program.

To gain entry into the program, applicants must be at least 18 years old before start class date. They must also pass a criminal background check, and record a score of 5 or higher in mathematics and reading on TABE assessment. Interested applicants must be able to lift at least 50 pounds without restriction.

Classes are held from Monday through Friday, starting at 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.

Gerald R. Ford Job Corps Center

Gerald R. Ford Job Corps Center offers a no-cost CNA training program to prepare students seeking to start a career as an entry-level healthcare provider. The training includes lecture and lab instruction, as well as a clinical rotation which will allow students to provide care to patients under the supervision of registered nurses. Job Corps students will undergo training for a period of eight to 12 months, during which they will develop knowledge about healthcare and regulations, CNA duties, medical law and ethics, and scope of practice of nursing assistants. By the end of the program, students are expected to demonstrate dependability, integrity, cooperation, and attention to detail.

Job Corps accepts application from students who can comply with state requirements including passing a background check, recording passing scores in math and reading, and passing all written tests. Students must also present proof of having a high school diploma or equivalent.

Graduates of the program will earn credentials that will help them obtain greater employment opportunities and promotions.

Stepping Stones Educational System, Inc.

Stepping Stones provides CNA training to individuals who are interested to pursue a career in healthcare. The program, which is approved by the State of Michigan, enables students to develop an understanding of the varied responsibilities of CNAs in various medical settings. Stepping Stones maintains small class sizes to give sufficient guidance to each student.

The classroom lecture focuses on introducing basic patient care concepts to students including emergency procedure, patient care and safety, restorative care, body mechanics, and infection control. After the lab and lecture portion of the program, students will have hands-on experience at a long-term care facility. Students can finish the course in as little as three weeks.

Stepping Stones offers flexible payment plans to accommodate all students. The school also accepts employer sponsorship or Michigan Works voucher.

To apply for the training, you must have a minimum 8th-grade reading level, and submit proof of good legal standing. You are also required to provide a recent criminal background history and complete a student application form.

Walker Medical Instructional Services

The CNA program at Walker Medical Instructional Services is designed to teach students the proper procedure for meeting the medical needs of patients. The focus of the program is on training students to become competent and compassionate healthcare professionals to prepare them for their future as CNAs. The curriculum combines classroom lectures where communication and interpersonal skills are discussed and clinical practice during which students have the chance to apply their acquired skills in caring for patients. Graduates of the program will receive a certificate of completion and will become eligible to take the State competency examination for CNAs.

Students can finish the course within two, four, or six weeks depending on their chosen schedule. Day and evening classes are available.

WMIS provides a free review class for graduates of the program who fail to pass the state test on their first try.

Free Grand Rapids CNA Classes

If Grand Rapids CNA Classes cost too much for you, you ought to explore free Grand Rapids CNA classes possibilities on the market! Free CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) professional medical training is usually offered by local nursing homes or hospitals. You will locate them, by exploring the web pages for such facilities (find “careers”) . Profit making organizations hardly ever offer free as there is no government financing for such jobs.

Grand Rapids CNA Classes online

Many people are seeking Grand Rapids CNA Classes online. Even though it is easy to get portion of your training done online, you’d still should get on the job work experience and know how so as to become qualified as Certified Nursing Assistant. Therefore after you’ve done your Grand Rapids CNA classes online, you’ll in addition need have at least 70 hrs of supervised on site training and coursework.