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CNA Training & Classes | December 16, 2017

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Paid CNA Training in New York

People who are seeking for a regular and high paying job can work in the healthcare field as a Certified Nursing Assistant. This kind of profession is in demand nowadays because of the increasing ageing population which needs long term care. If you are one of the unfortunate individual in New York who is having a hard time seeking a job, you can take a CNA training program in order to get a certification as a nurse aide. However, most of these training programs are expensive and can be a big sacrifice on your budget. If you seek for scholarships and paid CNA training, worry no more. There are several schools and healthcare facilities offering this kind of training for free. It can be limited at some point but once you get there, you can enjoy the benefits of undergoing the training. Have a look on the institutions in New York offering paid CNA training.

Paid CNA Training in New York Archcare Nursing Home at Ferncliff

Archcare Nursing Home at Ferncliff is located at Rhinebeck, New York. They cater elderly patients in need of long term care and they also offer a paid CNA training for post trainees who have not passed the certification exam yet but are willing to be employed as a nursing assistant. The training program, covers 125 hours of lectures and clinical practice at their facility. Successful applicants have to ensure that they complete the course and pass the exams with at least 75% mark. A medical background check is necessary and a high school diploma or GED should be presented to qualify.

Paid CNA Training in New York in The Mapplewood

The Mapplewood is a nursing home institution in New York with individualized care to elderly residents. Quality and safe nursing care is practiced in this facility that is why, the Mapplewood is ensuring that they have enough people to provide it. They have paid in-house CNA training for individuals who might be interested to work as a nursing assistant. This program is provided for free with a condition that successful graduates should work in their facility for a certain period of time. Availing this opportunity is great for those who are currently unemployed because direct job offer is given once the certification exam is passed. Aside from that, the Mapplewood has a great working environment for those who just started their career in the healthcare field. They provide good monthly salary and benefits thus, employed CNA’s will have a rewarding and fulfilling career ahead of them.

Paid CNA Training in New York Wesley Healthcare Center

Wesley Healthcare Center is in need of CNA staffs who are devoted to work for elderly people. They provide paid CNA training to successful applicants and ensure to offer employment thereafter. If you are one of the interested individuals who have the passion to serve and care the people in need of healthcare services, make sure that you apply and complete the requirements of Wesley Healthcare Center. They will provide everything including tuition fee, textbooks, uniforms and certification exam costs. However, it is necessary for the students to devote one year of service at their facility in return for the paid CNA training.

Paid CNA Training in New York Loretto Health and Rehabilitation Center

In order to avail the paid CNA training at Loretto Health and Rehabilitation Center, you must be a high school diploma or GED holder, at least 17 years old, physically fit, fully immunized and free from any criminal offense. The institution is in need of more CNA’s from time to time because of the increasing patient census. Thus, you can apply and undergo the training without paying anything. Loretto Health and Rehabilitation Center is a great venue to jumpstart a career in the healthcare field. Successful candidates who passed the certification exam will be offered an employment in the facility and they can start earning their wages.

Paid CNA Training in New York Jewish Home Lifecare

If you are saving costs and wanting to become a CNA in the state of New York, avail the paid CNA training program of Jewish Home Lifecare. The institution is hiring CNA’s and if you are not qualified yet, they will train you to become one. They just need applicants to be 18 years of age, with high school diploma or GED, free from any criminal records and physically fit. Once you are accepted for the program, you will learn the fundamentals of nursing care and be able to handle actual patients. Aside from that, they also offer direct employment upon passing the certification exam. Hence, it is a privilege for unemployed individuals seeking for a stable job.

Broome Community College

Broome Community College has free CNA classes in the state of New York. Their extensive nursing aide course is being assisted by the Workforce Board that is why, qualified students can avail the program without paying anything. They have licensed instructors who will do the training and supervise the clinical practice. The institution also has state of the art equipments and facility thus; students can demonstrate the nursing skills taught on them. The good thing about Broome Community College is that they have partnered to some healthcare institutions in New York so their students can immediately get an employment once they pass the certification exam.