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CNA Training & Classes | April 29, 2017

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Free CNA Classes in Wichita

Free CNA Classes in Wichita
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KDHE (The Kansas Department of Health and Environment) is known to issue a certificate for all nurse aides who are employed and have a job in the state. The department is known to manage an updated list of schools that are state approved with accompanying dates and location of upcoming courses. The future nurse aides, looking for free CNA classes in Wichita, will need to become a part of the program that provides at least ninety clock hours training, which will include clinical and classroom work. CNA classes are known to differ in complexity and length. The programs are known to go over the entire curriculum within a matter of three weeks while in-depth and longer programs are known to extend over six months and can last longer. You will need to review the list of all the training centers in the state that are approved in order to begin your journey to becoming a certified nursing aide.

Allied Health Career Training

This institute offers classes under the supervision of experienced instructors and it provides fast track training to all the students at an affordable price. The nurse aide training at this institute will cost you around $649 and this includes the cost of t-shirt, tuition, tote bag, stethoscope, state examination fee, and gait belt. Every class will have 20 people and the classes will extend for thirteen days. The training classes will be held at the Allied Training Center. The students will then have to move to nursing homes of their own choice to get further training. The school will promise to give the money back to all those students who do not pass the exam.

Bethel House

This institution has been designed by keeping people who lead a busy lifestyle. This nurse aide training is known to extend for a period of twenty days with the option of evening classes. The weekend classes will require the individuals to meet for seven weeks or for fourteen class days. The certified nursing course will equip the students with all the necessary skills that are needed to do well on the job. The experienced instructors will teach the students how they should take important signs; take care of patients, hygiene, transfer of patients, nutrition, and so much more.

The training will meet all the guidelines that have been set forward by the health department of Kansas, and the classes include lab training, clinical training, and classroom training at a healthcare facility nearby. The instructors at this institute are known to emphasize on excellence in care giving and all the graduates are equipped with all the knowledge they need to pass the Kansas State Nurse Aide Exam. The tuition fee is around $650 which includes the cost of supplies, state exam fees, tuition, and textbooks. However, you can obtain free CNA classes in Wichita at the institution after asking for financial aid.

Midwestern College

This facility is known to provide weekend, evening, and day classes to provide nurse training. Based on the schedule of your course, the class will run for a matter of six weeks. The students will not require a high school diploma in order to become a part of the training. The students will need to pass the work-keys test in order to start taking the classes. The fee will cover the costs of tuition classes, textbooks, registration, licensing, and state testing application fee. The uniform is considered to be the responsibility of the students. The students will have to finish the course and pass it with a grade of 75% and above. Plus, they must attend all the classes and all clinical training classes in order to be able to become graduates. You can obtain financial assistance from the institution and receive free CNA classes in Wichita.

Wichita Area Technical College

The credit hours involved in the program at this institution will prepare the students to do better as nurses in health care facilities while they are working with qualified nurses. The coursework involves clinical training, lab assignments, and classroom instruction. The course is known to follow the guidelines of Kansas State Department of Health and Environment so that the graduates can become eligible to take the certification examination after showing perfect attendance in class and a passing grade of 75%. Classes for five weeks in the daytime and three months evening classes are available. The tuition costs are up to $775, so it is not one of the free CNA classes in Wichita, however this includes state testing fees, gait belt, set of scrubs, and other equipment. The textbooks are the responsibility of the students.