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CNA Training & Classes | December 16, 2017

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CNA Classes in Queens New York

Certified Nursing Assistants receive a good amount of annual wages. Their work involves a lot of risk as they provide primary care to patients but this profession is in demand nowadays and is considered to be one of the most fulfilling careers to have. If you have the passion to serve and care patients in need, you can be a Certified Nursing Assistant. The first thing to do is to undergo the training program and pass the certification exam. Once you completed everything, you can easily find a job in New York. Several healthcare facilities are constantly hiring CNA’s because of their increasing patient population. In fact, some of them are even offering accredited training to potential CNA’s. So if you want to be a CNA in the state of New York, try these schools or healthcare facilities offering CNA training program in the area of Queens.

CNA Classes in Queens New York Institute of Healthcare Careers

New York Institute of Healthcare Careers has a CNA training program that enables aspiring nursing aides to become certified and qualified to work in any medical institutions in the state. This fast track training option emphasizes in compassionate care and affordable tuition fee. Individuals who worry about payment plans can avail the financial aid programs of New York Institute of Healthcare Careers. They can also choose their class schedules, especially when they are currently employed. Thus, the institution itself provides a great opportunity for anyone whether employed or unemployed. Nevertheless, the CNA training program combines the lectures, skills training and clinical rotation. This is to make sure that students can incorporate their learning to an actual setting especially that the certification exam involves oral, written and skill simulation.

Igbans Institute of Vocational Training

Igbans Institute of Vocational Training has a training program for nursing assistants which covers 125 hours of lecture hours and clinical rotation. During the program, students learn the basic resident’s rights, nursing principles, personal care skills, restorative techniques, patient positioning, vital signs monitoring, nutrition, medical terminologies, and even caring for individuals with mental disabilities. They will also be exposed in a clinical setting under the supervision of a Registered Nurse or Certified Nursing Assistant. Students in the program can choose to undergo a daytime class schedule, evening class schedule or a weekend schedule. They will have to pay a tuition fee of $699 and an additional $50 for the books and $69 for the registration or initial deposit. Uniforms and state exam fee are not included in the tuition so students have to prepare for this cost.

CNA Classes in Queens New York, York College (CUNY)

York College is offering a 130-hour CNA program that includes skills training, classroom lectures and clinical rotation. Students in the program will be prepared for the certification exam as well as their role in the profession. They will be equipped with knowledge and skills about the fundamental principles of nursing like patient’s rights, vital signs, mental health needs, personal care, basic restorative services, nutrition, caring for individuals with cognitive impairment and many others. Instructors of the program are all health professionals with reliable years of experience in the medical field. They will also supervise the 30 hours clinical rotation which is vital for graduation. Students have to prepare $1,299 for the tuition fee, white shoes, scrubs, textbook and school patch. Financial aid programs are also available for those who cannot afford.

CNA Classes in Queens New York JMB Training School

JMB Training School is a state approved institution for CNA Classes in Queens New York. It offers 125 hours of lectures, laboratory training and clinical rotation. Internship takes place at their nearby facility and students are supervised by a Registered Nurse instructor. The aim of the program is to inculcate all the fundamental principles of nursing to the aspiring CNA students. They will have a lecture on several topics like anatomy and physiology, personal care, nutrition, range of motion exercises, medical abbreviation and terminologies, patient handling and many others. They will also have a one on one skill demonstration on different nursing techniques applicable to the CNA profession. Once the training is complete, that will be the time that these students are sent to a certification exam which qualifies them to work as a nursing assistant at any healthcare facility in New York.

Allen School of Health Sciences

The Allen School of Health Sciences offers a comprehensive CNA Classes in Queens New York for nine months. This program allows every student to learn the importance of personal hygiene, infection control, communication skills, body mechanics, elimination techniques and other basic nursing skills. Compared to other schools, the program takes quite a long time to finish but it is an assurance that students will grasp all the knowledge and skills for their profession and upcoming certification exam. They will have instructors who are Registered Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants and these individuals will guide the students hand in hand. Tuition fee cost is $16,280 with additional $578 for supplies and books. Financial aid programs can also be availed for those who want to lessen the cost of their training program. This might be limited to a number of student but anyone who are privileged to have it will save a big amount of money.